We Value Your Land

Your land represents your investment return for generations to come. A solar and storage lease has the power to enable that return.

We are currently working with New York and Illinois landowners to develop community solar and large-scale solar and storage projects.

Let's Talk Land.

We lease your land during the development and operations of a solar and storage project

How to get a solar and storage lease?


Our development team has extensive experience analyzing land to determine if it is suitable for solar, storage, or combined solar and storage development. Contact our team with your parcel ID and address for us to run a preliminary screen on development feasibility. Once the analysis is completed, we will be delighted to provide you with the most competitive lease rate to rent your parcel for solar, storage, or combined development.

Is my land suitable for solar?


In order for a parcel to be feasible for a solar or a storage project, a lot of stars need to align…

Some of these stars include a feasible interconnection point to the utility grid, viable engineering, environmental restrictions, and an active solar and storage permitting code.

Benefits for all

Economic Benefits


  • Solar and storage leases provide landowners with a stable income stream over a few decades.
  • We have worked extensively with farmers across America to find a suitable location for the project which allows these landowners to continue their farming practices while stabilizing their revenue streams.
  • Community solar projects offer municipalities the opportunity to increase their property taxes.
  • Programs such as community solar offer residents the ability to obtain discounts on their utility bills.

Environmental Benefits


  • The benefits of solar and storage projects go way beyond the reduction of fossil fuel emissions and pollution.
  • During the permitting process, all environmental concerns are extensively vetted to ensure that wildlife is protected and remains unharmed once the project is built and operating.
  • Our projects are built with the community’s best interest at heart – we provide landscaping and screening to ensure the project blends into the natural environment.
  • Solar and storage are also temporary structures, they will fully be decommissioned and materials will be recycled at the end of their life.